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Maryland HQL Handgun Qualification License CLASS

MD Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Classes are offered in Salisbury, Maryland. These classes provide the necessary training so that the Maryland resident can apply for the Maryland Wear and Carry permit.

HQL Finger Printing
Berlin MD

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HQL finger printing - Salisbury MD
Thomas & Thomas Detective Agency is offering HQL finger printing for $54.50. Call Stephanie at 410-548-5060 to set up an appointment.
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$50 Maryland Handgun Qualification License CLASS


The Next MD HQL & Utah CFP class starts 1/15/17. Class will be held at Mitchell's Martial Arts, 1305 S. Division Street, Salisbury, MD 2180, 2016. All tentative class schedule posted below for all available classes. Everything necessary to take the class will be provided including firearms, ammo, eye and ear protection. If you plan to attend, Call: 443-736-6330 so that we can hold your seats.

Maryland Handgun Qualification License Course

Duration: 4 Hours

Conducted by a Multi-discipline Certified Law Enforcement Instructor

This course is designed to provide the necessary training so that the Maryland resident can obtain the MD Handgun Qualification License.

Course Cost: $50.00

Course goal: To provide shooters an introduction to the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to obtain the Maryland Handgun Qualification License.

Course Prerequisites: NONE

Course Subject Matter:

Pistol Knowledge and safe Gun Handling
Ammunition Knowledge and Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
Firing the First Shots (including cleaning / storage)
One and Two handed standing shooting positions

Gear to bring to course: Nothing, this course is all inclusive

Course Completion: Participants will receive feedback on the live fire exercise and upon successful completion of this orientation you will receive the NRA approved certificate plus Utah Concealed Carry Certificate.

Locations: ATFT Salisbury classrooms

For more information: Please call: 443-736-6330

For inquiries or open enrollment application submission, please email:
RS Mitchell at: RS@atftrainers.com

2017 Atlantic Tactical Tentative Class Schedule

Atlantic Tactical 2017 tentative spring and summer schedule for all available firearm training and defense classes.

Private and group classes arranged by appointment.

For more information: Please call: 443-736-6330

NRA Instructor Course - Personal Protection outside Home

Conducted by a Multi-discipline Certified Law Enforcement Instructor

Please call for details

Since 1871 the main objective of the National Rifle Association has been to provide education and training in the safe a proper use of firearms. Knowing how to shoot is one thing but, you’ll need to know how to teach others to shoot. NRA Instructor Training Courses help develop the additional knowledge, skills and techniques needed to organize and teach courses in the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program. Instructor training courses are conducted by NRA Training Counselors. Training Counselors are experienced instructors certified by the NRA to train experienced shooters to teach others to shot. NRA Instructor Training courses are posted at: NRA Instructor Courses.

To qualify as an NRA Instructor:

Must demonstrate a solid background in firearm safety and shooting skills.
Must be intimately familiar each action type in the discipline they wish to be certified.
Required to demonstrate solid and safe firearms handling skills.
Must complete pre course questionnaires and qualification exercises.
Must satisfactorily complete an NRA Training Course in the discipline you wish to teach.
Minimum passing grade is 90%. .

Instructor ratings are available to conduct the following NRA Courses:

Basic Pistol Shooting / Personal protection in the home / Personal protection outside home / Basic

Rifle & Shotgun shooting / Basic Muzzle Loading: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun / Home firearm safety, Metallic cartridge reloading / Shotgun shell reloading / Range Safety Officer.

NRA Instructors are expected to:

Conduct NRA Basic Courses in accordance with policies outlined by the NRA
Uphold the quality and integrity of safety and training standards of the NRA
Promote firearm safety and the shooting sports.
Report training data to the NRA

You’ll need to take the Basic Pistol Course on Friday if you have not yet taken the basic course.

Instructor live fire qualification is on Friday afternoon. Basic Instructor Training and NRA Basic Pistol Instructor training will begin on Saturday and conclude Sunday afternoon.

Tentative 2017 Schedule


Nov. 5 Utah Conceal and Carry class $50.00 5 hr class 8am
Nov. 10 Utah Conceal and Carry class $50.00 5 hr class 6pm
Nov. 10 MD HQL - $50.00 6pm
Nov. 10 Utah CCDW as an add on class for MD HQL $25.00
Nov. 12 - Personal Protection Inside the Home $99.00 9am 8hr class
Nov. 18- Day 1 MD CCW $250.00 8hr class starts at 9am
Nov. 19- Day 2 MD CCW class 9am
Nov. 19 DE CCDW $99.00 8am 8 hour class


Dec. 1 Utah Conceal and Carry class $50.00 5hr class 6pm
Dec. 1 MD HQL 6pm $50.00
Dec. 1 MD HQL and Utah CCDW 6pm $75.00
Dec 2 MD CCW - 1st day 9am $250.00
Dec 3 Maryland Conceal and Carry Renewal $175.00 8 hr class 9am
Dec 3 MD CCW - 2nd day 9am
Dec 3 DE CCW 8am $99.00
Dec 16 Maryland Conceal and Carry Renewal $175.00 8 hr class 9am
Dec 16 DE CCW 8am $99.00
Dec 16 and Dec. 17 MD CCW 9am $250.00

January 2018

Jan. 5 MD HQL at 6pm $50.00
Jan. 5 MD HQL/Utah at 6pm $75.00
Jan. 5 Utah CCDW at 6pm $50.00
Jan. 6 PPIH at 9am $99.00
Jan.12 Family Firearms class at $99.00
Jan.13 MD CCW day 1 at 9am $250.00
Jan.14 Second day MD CCW
Jan.14 DE CCDW at 8am $99.00
Jan.19 Washington DC CCDW $99.00
Jan.21 MD HQL at 9am $50.00
Jan.21 MD HQL/Utah 9am $75.00
Jan.21 Utah CCDW 9am $50.00


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